running in circles

I think I should start drinking coffee every morning again because i felt so amazing after my double-double. This week was exhausting but ended on a high-note. Let me break down my week for you:

monday: attempt to understand an entire math unit
study for math, italian, and french
MATH, ITALIAN, FRENCH TEST, sac meeting finalize semi numbers
study religion (never did), french assignment
religion test (disaster), fax semi number to hall
new moon
santa claus parade with sac

happy black friday, don't get trampled.
semi = one week! <3>

photo from:fylm


queen of the kings...

Not just any queen, but Alexander McQueen. I am in love with the shoes from his spring 2010 RTW, specifically these babies:

12 inches tall? No big deal.


stella ella ola

I adore Stella McCartney's collection for Gap kids.


that's just really weird.

For some odd reason I have a little fetish for pictures that depict smokers.

My favourites:


all i'm asking for...

Christmas is in 43 days. What's on my wish list?



WOW. Now this is the first time that I have not written in so long. In all honestly, I've been incredibly busy. If I wasn't cramming for my religion test, or graphing the square root of x i was planning certain activities for s.a.c. My friend and I recently discovered this designer known as Thread Social. Their pieces are super gorgeous and tres chic. With delicate patterns, intricate designs and such feminine class, Thread Social has made it onto my FAVOURITES list.
a few of my favourites from their line:

spring 2010

holiday 2009

fall 2009

summer 2009

all images courtesy of: thread social