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alone in my little world

lovely times at friday night lights ♥



christmas list 2009 (note: more will be added :):

american eagle denim jacket

marc by marc jacobs classic Q-hillier hobo in wine

ray ban wayfarers in red

american apparel tie dye poly-cotton short sleeve crew neck

current/elliot boyfriend jeans

lululemon apres sport jacket in black tweed

hunter boot in chocolate

starbucks grande to go tumbler

abercrombie brenna cardigan

...more to come


prepare to be served

when its this good you can't give it up


bake a cake and eat it too

i hate it when i have to choose.


defying gravity

age is of no importance unless you are a cheese
-billie burke


ELEVEN things i wish i could say to eleven DIFFERENT people right now:

O1. i like you...a lot.

O2. i have no idea why i still talk to you.
O3. i miss you O4. you are a completely different person and i hate it.
O5. i wish i was in your class

O6. i wish i knew you better

O7. what people say about you is actually true.
O8. you are sincerely a mean person and i hope it gets you back twice as bad.

O9. be yourself.
1O. my friends and i all think you are somewhat annoying most of the time, so you may want to tone it down a bit.

11. stop complaining.

TEN things about myself:

O1. i truly believe that i suffer from OCD. things slightly crooked must be straight, or taps leaking must be turned completely, or doors or drawers slightly opened must be closed. if i have to do this a million times until i feel like it is finally straightened, or closed, i will.
O2. my biggest fear would have to be any sort of pain

O3. i hate it when people are disappointed in me

O4. i am too nice, and let things go too easily.

O5. i love anything pretty

O6. if someone is mad at me that is all i will think about all day

O7. i hate when people read the wrong signs

O8. i have no self-discipline

O9. i am always stressed

1O. i have issues..lol

NINE ways to win my heart:

O1. buy me flowers :)

O2. go on adventurous bike rides with me

O3. make me a cd with my favourite songs and listen to it with me

O4. take naps with me:)

O5. give me giant hugs that last for 10 minutes
O6. rent my favourite dvds and watch them with me

O7. buy me tickets to my favourite band

O8. throw me a surprise birthday party

O9. stand on a coffee cart and tell me that you love me <333333

EIGHT things that cross my mind a lot:

O1. i'm so weirddddd
O2. why do people act like they do

O4. why do they care

O5. i wish i was flawless

O6. i hate math

O7. why is homework necessary

O8. if only...

SEVEN things I do before I fall asleep:

O1. pee.

O2. wash hands
O3. brush my teeth for 10 minutes

O4. wash hands

O5. wash face
O6. put on my elastics
O7. check under my bed

SIX people who mean a lot:

O1. family

O2. friends

O3. all

O4. i

O5. need
O6. <3

FIVE things you're wearing right now:

O1. dress

O2. underwear

O3. bobby pin

O4. earrings

O5. marc by marc jacobs necklace <3

FOUR songs that you listen to often:

O1. help i'm alive-metric

O2. marching bands of manhattan- death cab for cutie

O3. xavia- the submarines
O4. gimme sympathy- metric

THREE things you want to do before you die:




TWO unforgettable experiences:
O1. every
O2. day

One confession:

O1. i'm waiting

photos by moi