flick your cigarettte then kiss me

How do you pronounce your name? - trish-ah
What is your age backwards? - 61

How do you feel today? - okay

Friendship :

Who are your best friend(s)? - they know who they are:)

What friend do you tell EVERYTHING to? - an

What friend makes the most perverted jokes? - definitely benetti,

Who do you talk to the most in person? - an

Back to school :

What grade are you going into? - 11

Which period are you doing the best at? - 3rd-french,
Which period are you doing the worse at? - 4th-science fml.
Which teacher do you fear the most? - my english teacher.

Are you changing to a new school this year?- nope.

Is someone else changing schools? - i think?
Who was your second grade crush? - nemo:)

Name two friends from other grades? - alex? irena?

Name two friends from other schools? - vino? celina?

Childhood :

What did you want your job to be? - a chef lol
Who is your favorite teacher out of all of them? - my seventh and eighth grade teachers
What was one reason you cried? - i didn't get my way

What shows did you never want to miss? - little lulu, hey arnold, arthur

Favorites :

Chocolate: milk, dark or white

Color: pale colours, black, white, grey, brown, mostly all colours
Shoe brand: ugg, birkenstock, havaianas vans, michael kors, marc jacobs
Book: a lot

Theme park: disney world!
Instrument: guitar
Song: paint the silence- south, or body of years- mother mother

Miss :
What grade do you miss the most?: 7/8
Who’s the first friend that comes to your mind that you miss?: david?
What else do you miss?: a lot.

Lies :

Ever signed up for those online dating sites?: never.

Ever lied about your age?: only to get cheaper prices for dining >:) i am the ultimate badass.

To impress someone?: who doesn'tt

To freeload?: what?
Ever used someone? no not really

This or that :

Crunchie or kitkat: both

Myspace or facebook: facebook

Flowers or chocolate?: flowers:)

Watch the news or historical teachings?: news

hold hands or kiss?: both

White chocolate or dark?: milk

Random :

What color are your shoes?: i worte black/brown shoes today,
What was the last theme park you've been to?: disney world, 6 years ago.
Name one thing you remember from history class: it was really fun

What mood are you in right now?: stressed
Who was the last person you IMed ?: kim
Who was the last person added on your Facebook: i dont remember, it was someone random, i deleted them.

Who was the last person deleted on your Facebook: i don't remember their name
Who did you last hang out with?: my friends at school

Best :

1. Male Friend: many

2. Female friend: many
3. Vacation: many
4. Memory: too many

Last :

1. Person you saw: bianca

2. Talked to on the phone: mom
3. Messaged over MySpace: don't remember.
4. IM’d: kim?


1. What are you doing right now: supposed to be studying for my science test
2. Wearing? - uniform shirt and pyjama bottoms
3. Better than yesterday? - meh

4. Did you see the person you like? - yeah

5. What’s the weather? - cloudy and a little cold.

6. What’s bothering you right now? - i have so much fucking work to do
7. What is in your wallet? - 10 dollars, a shitload of change, my student id, and my library card + mint card for printing :)
8. Wallpaper on your computer’s desktop? - fifi lapin
9. Next time you will kiss someone? - i don't know.

10. Where was your default picture taken? - ma room ma housee

11. Life: is so bad right now.
12. House: i don't know
13. Doing this weekend? - studying my brains out
14. Wearing? - answered this already?

15. If you could have one thing right now what would it be? - something so that exams are canceled

16. Listening to? - wizards of waverly place

17. What do you smell like? - laundry

18. Eating? - nothing

19. On your bed, what is your favorite thing? - my giant pillow :)

20. Do you believe in a soulmate? - sure

21. What do you wear to bed? - pyjamas

22. Do you remember your dreams? - sometimes
23. Do you burn easily in the sun? - NO
24. What’s something you wish you could understand better? - people

25. What did you do last weekend? - i don't remember lol

26. Who do you miss? - a lot of people
27. Who is the last girl you hugged? - jenna
28. Who is the last boy you hugged? - kris lol

29. Who was the last person you went somewhere with? - my dad to school

30. Have you kissed anyone on your top friends? - i don't have top friends
31. Last time you ate a home grown tomato? - what the fuck
32. What was the last thing you drank? - water

33. Do you like someone right now? - yes

34. What do you wear more, slacks, jeans, or sweatpants? - leggings

35. What is the last movie you watched? - the house bunny
36. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? - iced tea, juice, coke
37. What are you excited about? - SUMMMMMMMMMMMMERRRRR

38. Do you want someone you can’t have? - yeah

39. Who was last to slap your butt? -CAROLINA
40. Where was the last place you went? - school..
41. What’s on your mind right now? - i'm going to do so terrible on my last two culminatings and exams.
42. Have you cried recently? - nope
43. If an unstoppable force comes across an immovable object, then what happens? - what the fuck.

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