ELEVEN things i wish i could say to eleven DIFFERENT people right now:

O1. i like you...a lot.

O2. i have no idea why i still talk to you.
O3. i miss you O4. you are a completely different person and i hate it.
O5. i wish i was in your class

O6. i wish i knew you better

O7. what people say about you is actually true.
O8. you are sincerely a mean person and i hope it gets you back twice as bad.

O9. be yourself.
1O. my friends and i all think you are somewhat annoying most of the time, so you may want to tone it down a bit.

11. stop complaining.

TEN things about myself:

O1. i truly believe that i suffer from OCD. things slightly crooked must be straight, or taps leaking must be turned completely, or doors or drawers slightly opened must be closed. if i have to do this a million times until i feel like it is finally straightened, or closed, i will.
O2. my biggest fear would have to be any sort of pain

O3. i hate it when people are disappointed in me

O4. i am too nice, and let things go too easily.

O5. i love anything pretty

O6. if someone is mad at me that is all i will think about all day

O7. i hate when people read the wrong signs

O8. i have no self-discipline

O9. i am always stressed

1O. i have issues..lol

NINE ways to win my heart:

O1. buy me flowers :)

O2. go on adventurous bike rides with me

O3. make me a cd with my favourite songs and listen to it with me

O4. take naps with me:)

O5. give me giant hugs that last for 10 minutes
O6. rent my favourite dvds and watch them with me

O7. buy me tickets to my favourite band

O8. throw me a surprise birthday party

O9. stand on a coffee cart and tell me that you love me <333333

EIGHT things that cross my mind a lot:

O1. i'm so weirddddd
O2. why do people act like they do

O4. why do they care

O5. i wish i was flawless

O6. i hate math

O7. why is homework necessary

O8. if only...

SEVEN things I do before I fall asleep:

O1. pee.

O2. wash hands
O3. brush my teeth for 10 minutes

O4. wash hands

O5. wash face
O6. put on my elastics
O7. check under my bed

SIX people who mean a lot:

O1. family

O2. friends

O3. all

O4. i

O5. need
O6. <3

FIVE things you're wearing right now:

O1. dress

O2. underwear

O3. bobby pin

O4. earrings

O5. marc by marc jacobs necklace <3

FOUR songs that you listen to often:

O1. help i'm alive-metric

O2. marching bands of manhattan- death cab for cutie

O3. xavia- the submarines
O4. gimme sympathy- metric

THREE things you want to do before you die:




TWO unforgettable experiences:
O1. every
O2. day

One confession:

O1. i'm waiting

photos by moi

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